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To accompany our ever growing range of candle brands, we aim to provide a huge range of candle accessories. Aroma Accessories is our own brand of candle accessories and is one of the most extensive in the UK. We now have over 80 designs in the collection and a growing number of product ranges.

With so many unique designs, you can mix and match products such as votive holders, candle plates, and wax melt burners. With a huge festive range also in the offering, you can enjoy your candle accessories during the festive season too.

Our accessories were designed to go hand in hand with our Goose Creek collection. The votive holders fit snugly around our Goose Creek votives, while the candle jar lamp shades fit perfectly on to the lid of a Goose Creek candle jar.

The collection now extends to our popular electric wax melt burners and ultrasonic aroma diffusers, if you prefer to enjoy your fragrances without a flame. 


Aromatize's Managing Director, Marvin Lomax, spotted a gap in the market for soy wax candles that smelled great, and looked great too. After plenty of market research and using his wealth of experience, he took the plunge and invested in creating Woodbridge. He envisioned a luxury fragranced brand that whilst using unique packaging and exquisite fragrances, was competitively priced and was considerate of its environmental footprint.

The range launched in May 2017 and it's proving to be hugely popular so far. The luxury packaging and simplicity of the products themselves are some of the many reasons why. The fragrance load is at 7% - double that of a standard candle, and what's more, they are environmentally friendly! 

Woodbridge use only soy wax, made from 100% soybean oil (which is 100% biodegradable). We use no artificial colourants or dyes, and the unique wooden lids are from renewable sources. Soy does not produce carcinogenic substances when being burned, which means it's better for the environment, and better for you. 

From Lychee & Redcurrant to Lemongrass & Sage, there's something for everyone. The 8 specially selected combinations come in large jars, medium jars and a trio of small jars. The large jar has 3 wicks, meaning a cleaner burn, and a pure clean fragrance throw. Not to mention triple the ambience! 

They are also available in wax melts, reed diffusers, room sprays and aroma stones if you prefer a flameless fragrance. All wrapped in beautiful, shimmering packaging, the Woodbridge collection makes a perfect gift for a loved one. Or why not treat yourself? Discover our Woodbridge collection today. 

Goose Creek

The Goose Creek candle company began operations in 1997 in Kentucky, USA and the brand soon became popular across the US and dozens of countries within Europe. Back in the UK, our Managing Director Marvin Lomax was looking for the perfect candle brand, that would meet the needs of the well-educated candle consumer. He wanted a brand with a reputation for great quality and a great fragrance selection. Goose Creek was the perfect match! Today, Aromatize are the exclusive distributor for Goose Creek Candles in the UK and Ireland and they are gaining a legion of fans from coast to coast. 

What makes Goose Creek candles so popular?

There are now over 100 fragrances across the range, from gourmet scents to floral fragrances in candle jars and wax melt packs.

All jars are hand poured and use high grade, food quality paraffin wax and the highest quality fragrance oils. Each candle jar has at least two wicks. The wicks are made from solid cotton. A candle jar with two wicks burns cleaner and generates less soot than the single wick style. They generate more light, less wax residue and pure clean fragrances. 

Kringle Candles

Kringle Candles, was founded by Mick Kittredge in the USA in 2010. The Kittredge family name is celebrated within the candle industry, with a history of producing the finest candles, and being the founder of another popular brand. Kringle’s distinctive white candles use the highest quality fragrances, with a unique look that will match any décor.

Kringle candles are simplistic with bright white wax, elegant tall glass jars and fantastic fragrance throws. We stock the large jars and the single daylight candles. The large (22oz) jars have two wicks, meaning a faster melt and bigger wax pool, each burning for up to 100 hours. The daylight candles are twice the size of a tealight and offer a deceptively large throw. The convenient lid means you can take your favourite scents with you when you travel.

Kringle’s fragrance portfolio consists of fresh smells such as Aqua, Beachside and Comfy Sweater. Their floral scents include Peony and French Lavender while their gourmet fragrances are the deep and rich Hot Chocolate and Vanilla Latte. The collection consists of 28 scents.

Kittredge Candles

Using the original Kittredge family recipe, the Kittredge candles use the richest colours and the finest fragrances to perfect this candle brand. Rich colours dressed in the classic Apothecary jars as well as the addition of scented daylight candles too. The large jars are 23oz and will burn for 100-150 hours! Fresh fragrances such as Cotton Fresh and Life’s A Beach are joined by the gourmet fragrances of Chocolate Chip Cookie and Blueberry Muffin. Kittredge also features dual wicks, meaning less tunnelling and more wax for your money. 28 unique fragrances will be available in the Kittredge Candles. The daylight candles are 1.5oz and offer 10-12 hours of fragrance.

Our Aromatize Managing Director, Marvin Lomax, commented “We are delighted to be appointed as the exclusive distributor for the Kringle and Kittredge brands for the UK and Ireland. Anyone who knows the history of U.S fragranced candles will be aware that the Kittredge family name is synonymous with offering high quality items that produce fantastic fragrance throw. We very much welcome them into our ever growing portfolio of home fragranced products and accessories and are confident they will be very well received by our customers and consumers alike.”


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