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5 Ways to fragrance your home - without a flame!

We all want our home to smell great all day long. But unless you have a scented candle burning 24/7 - is it possible? Yes! We've listed the best five ways to keep your home smelling fabulous, minus the flame. 

1. Room Sprays. They've been around for years, but never has there been so much choice! Goose Creek have a room spray collection which offers over 24 fragrances. From floral to fruity, there's something for everyone. Our Woodbridge collection also offers a range of room sprays, where the 8 scents have been specially selected to provide a fantastic combination of freshness and indulgence. 

2. Plug Ins! New for AW17, the Goose Creek plug-ins are available in 12 different scents. If you're already a Goose Creek fan, you'll know the likes of Strawberry Jam and Old Time Lemonade all too well. With over 30 days continual fragrance release, you really can enjoy your favourite Goose Creek scents around the clock. 

3. Aroma Stones...The luxury Woodbridge collection has a range of 8 ceramic stone diffusers, which will release the perfect aroma in the hardest to reach areas. To use, simply spray the stone 2-3 times with the essential oil, the stone will then absorb the oil and slowly release the fragrance. The whole spray will give you up to 3 months! Perfect for cupboards, wardrobes and bathrooms!

4. Next up, Reed Diffusers! Part of our Woodbridge collection, the reed diffusers are available in 8 different fragrances and will last for up to 3 months! Tip: Turn your reeds daily to get the best fragrance throw. They look great, and smell great too!

5. Last but not least - Air Fresheners. This one is great for cupboards but also extends beyond the home, they are perfect for the car or camper. In 13 popular scents, you'll be stuck for choice. This product lasts for 30 days, so you can change the scents monthly to enjoy the full range of Goose Creek fragrances. 

And there we have it - 5 ways to give your home a fragrance boost. Let us know your favourite way of keeping your home smelling fresh, over on our facebook page!

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